Wednesday, 20 October 2010

To Shobnall for a pump out

As planned, we went down to Shobnall this morning and had a pump out. They’re about average in that department, £14 for a job that more or less empties the tank and you get just one reasonably thorough rinse. The gauge showed empty at the end, but had started registering by the time we tied for lunch on the Morrison’s mooring, a sign that the rinse hadn’t been as good as it should be.

But then, this is not unusual for a commercial job, one reason why we prefer to do it ourselves whenever possible.

More worryingly, the washing machine is giving trouble on one programme (so far). When asked to run a 40ºC cotton load, it thinks about it, then turns all its lights off and flashes the “End” light. We’re managing by running alternative programmes, but we’ll need to get it sorted once we’re in Great Haywood.

After lunch, we came on to Branston for the night. The boating has been quite hard, on a brilliantly sunny day with a bitingly cold wind. We’re going to stay put tomorrow; you can walk through to Morrison’s from here, so it’s a chance to restock with stuff we can’t get in Alrewas. After that, we’ll head back to that village for the weekend and the first part of next week.


Adam said...

What's prompted the move into a marina for the winter? We're planning a trip taking in Great Haywood next month, so we may see you there.

Nev Wells said...

Bruce and Shelia,

We had the same experience at Shobnall on Tuesday. We had the full monty of services, P/O diesel gas & coal. All quite friendly but I was wanting to take over the PO and do a couple more flushes. I've never understood why they don't offer two or three flushes and ask you when you are happy - if I ever find a place that does this it will be on my list for future use and recommendation for sure.

We passed you at the top of Bagnall lock on Monday and then near the Littlechef on the a38 run -Sanity again looks a really impressive boat.

Take care


Bruce in Sanity said...

Hi folks

Adam: We're a bit better off than we were in the early days now that I'm getting a pension, so can afford the mooring fee. Last winter persuaded us of the joys of not having to shuffle about, run the engine every day and all that. GH will be good for taking trips out, as the stoppages allow for travel in one direction or another all the time.

Nev: It really narks me that you pay good money for what's often a low cost operation, especially where the yard is on mains drainage, so the margin is just the time of the worker and power to run the pump. At least at Shobnall it's a hose pipe not a watering can, and they use the rinse out point, not shove it pointlessly down the pump out fitting and then just pump the water straight out again.

But it is revealing when you look at the gauge.



Bruce in Sanity said...

Oh, Nev, meant to say: thanks for the nice comments, we're really pleased with her!


Mike and Chrissie said...

Hi, I was interested in your pump out comment. We too, have had the same experience at various marinas, whereby the operator deems it correct to finish proceedings, when you know in your own mind that the tank's not quite empty!

We now moor at Overwater Marina near Audlem, where the pump out is DIY. Although timed at 3.5 minutes, there's enough time to rinse and extract to your satisfaction.


John Witts said...

Hi Bruce,

If you ever venture over east to the fens and the Cam and Great Ouse, the pump-out at Ely administered by the EA is not only free, but unlimited in the time you take to rinse out!!!

Doubtless, boaters who rely on cassettes will never understand how important this is, but then, who cares for the opinions of those who willingly carry a suitcase full of turd around with them?

Bruce in Sanity said...

Hi John

Go far enough back on the blog and you'll find us enthusing about just that! (July 2007, in fact)

I quite agree, they are marvellous.