Sunday, 1 June 2014

Busy Braunston

We've had an excellent day today, sitting on the towpath in Braunston watching the world go by. We'd had a lazy start after a late night last night; it's amazing how time flies when you're sharing wine and chat with good friends.

Speaking of which, in my need to summarise a week's worth of events yesterday, I didn't get round to mentioning all the folk we met, blog readers and book buyers and all. Some I didn't get a name for and others I did but I would have no chance of remembering them all if I tried to list them.

So I'll just say that it's great to meet with everyone who finds time to look at this stuff; it really does make it all worth while. I can't recall a weekend when so many folk have stopped by, not to mention all the ones from Crick.

To those of you who do not yet have a boat, may that happy day arrive soon, and to those who are already afloat, good cruising.

Sally has given a flavour of the stuff she and Elanor got up to, but I must also express our appreciation of Elanor's work during Crick. She was much more than a guest, taking most of the boat keeping labour off us. We could go off in the morning leaving the boat untidy and the washing up to do and know that by coffee time it would be immaculate again.

Less happily, we've just had a pair of PCSOs do boat-to-boat enquiries along the towpath. Seemingly there was an armed robbery in the Boathouse pub last night and they were asking if anyone had seen anything unusual around midnight. Our party had broken up just after eleven, so we were in bed by then.

Initially, seeing them interviewing Martin I did wonder if CRT were getting heavy with him for mooring on a vacant long term mooring, but they've not resorted to using the police to do their mooring management.



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