Saturday, 14 April 2018

Pottering at Alrewas

We've had a very pleasant day, with a lazy start after wrestling with a Bonus! Level Killer Sudoku. It took so long, the Webasto had finished its one hour run before we got up. After breakfast we ambled into the village and visited the butcher and the Co-op. This meant pasties for lunch, yum, yum.

Back at the boat we had coffee then walked down to the lock to look at the river. It was still running very fast – a drake just ambling along, as they do, went shooting by at a fast jogging pace. On the way back, Sheila spotted an odd looking bird standing at the river's edge. Examination through the binoculars showed that it was cormorant shaped but buff and dark brown coloured rather than black.

Later research on the RSPB site found that it was a juvenile. Presumably, it was standing there trying to remember what Daddy said about learning to fish.

After scoffing the pasties and spending some time inspecting the inside of my eyelids, we set to and washed the roof. One or two boats came up and a couple went down whilst we were doing this and we had a chat with Steve and Sal off Smile and Wave. They are on their way back to Mercia, having picked entirely the wrong weeks to go out for a cruise.

We've since been taking it easy. We do our best to keep fit during the winter, walking twice round the marina every day, but every Spring we realise how soft we've got. A certain amount of creaking and groaning occurs when getting up from the easy chairs...

Tomorrow, we'll probably settle for locking up to Fradley, then go on to Handsacre on Monday.

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