Sunday, 23 November 2014

Busy weekend

Folk may have noticed I didn't get round to posting yesterday. We're having a busy and enjoyable weekend but it's not conducive to composition!

I'll do a full post tomorrow, I expect.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Getting ready for tomorrow

It's been a busy day, one way and another. After a reasonably relaxed start, we walked round the marina to get to the shops the long way round. The forecast showed rain this afternoon – which has indeed turned up – so we wanted to get the exercise in early.

Still Waters provided some basic veg, fruit and biscuits as well as a sheet of wrapping paper. In the marina office we collected some post and picked up a week's worth of WiFi access. We now offer this to lodge tenants as part of their rental and this weekend is our first chance to check out the reception in the lodge. It's just as well that we did, as the 3 phone connection's been running slow and has flattened its battery, so I'm using the marina wifi in the boat to post this.

The Farm Shop provided some more fruit and veg. Pete was busy pressure washing the pontoon just by Sanity Again when we got back, a welcome sight as the surface has been getting very greasy when wet, so we went up to the lodge for a bit.

Here we switched off the fridge freezer and set it up to defrost as well as doing one or two other tasks. Returning to the boat, we had lunch and a bit of relaxation before I had a burst of cooking. Firstly, I put the chicken Elanor brought last night into the stock pot with various bits and pieces and started it heating.

Meanwhile, I prepared a venison casserole for tomorrow night, popping it into the oven for a long slow cook.

Once the chick had had its twenty minutes boil I fished it out and left it to cool. When I've done this blog, I'm going to make cock-a-leekie soup with a great load of leeks from the Farm Shop. Leaving the casserole in the oven, we nipped back through the rain to the lodge and finished off cleaning the freezer so that it could be restarted. In the interim, the cleaning team had been through and left the lodge ready for occupation again.

It's now chucking it down out there, so we hope that the forecast is correct and tomorrow will be drier.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

More stuff done

Yesterday went reasonably well; Sunil Parmar at Alrewas is a very careful and thorough worker and almost entirely painless. He even took a final X-ray to demonstrate that the root canal filling was free of voids and such. It's just a pity I couldn't hang about to admire it – the 14.40 bus was due and I was determined to catch it if at all possible.

In the event, I'd been at the stop less than two minutes before it arrived, which is a bit finer than you want to cut it with public transport running once an hour. On the other hand, the bus in question, rather than the ancient double decker on which I'd come, was a state of the art single decker, mock leather seats and free wifi and all.

I had just on an hour to kill in Burton before getting the V3 back to Willington. For once, it was ten minutes late.

This morning, we made a reasonably prompt start with the idea of getting to the service wharf before the Shakespeare guys did. It wasn't to be; Paul and colleague were there when we turned up so we had to settle for the front location, which means a less secure mooring with the bow sticking across the entrance of the dry dock and then reversing back to the corner to wind when we've finished.

No matter, there wasn't a breath of wind for once, and it all went very smoothly. Reberthing back at Yellowhammer happened without incident too, despite now having Inkling alongside so that I have to hit the slot exactly. Since there were no onlookers, it went without a hitch.

Once we were tied and snugged up, I gave Tom Hayes another call and caught him in. He's coming to have a look at the job next Tuesday morning and sounds to be a very decent guy.

It was now ten thirty, so we went to the front to order some solid fuel from Still Waters, buy a new pump out token from the office (and to volunteer to cook chicken legs for the Christmas Fuddle) and to get some bread from the Farm Shop.

Whilst in the latter establishment, I changed the size of the turkey crown we'd ordered to 5 lb. As we're taking it to Lincoln to Graeme and Cathy's, rather than eating it with just Elanor, it needs to be a bit bigger than the original 3 lb.

After lunch we tried a new exercise regime. Sheila's walking speed is a bit held back with her bad toes which doesn't help my BP. So now we set off together but I crack on and see if I can get round twice before she makes one circuit of the marina. I nearly made it this time and had certainly elevated my heart rate in so doing, literally the object of the exercise.

We've been quieter since; Elanor and Sal are coming to visit again tonight, making a pleasing end to a good couple of days. Oh, and the fuel's been delivered already ;)

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Good dentistry

I'm not long back from phase II of my root treatment. All went well but I'm quite weary.

Proper blog tomorrow.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Busy again, sort of

Having been told to expect a phone call about my BP meds sometime today, it was necessary to be reasonably compos mentis from about eight, a slightly early hour for us these days. We're definitely running on winter time now.

Naturally, no phone call has been received, which probably means that the medic, on being consulted, decided that my current BP is good enough. This is fine by me as it saves further hassle with follow up appointments and the like.

This morning's major task was to get a new gas cylinder. As part of my post diabetic review resolution to get a bit more exercise, we put the empty on the folding truck and wheeled it all the way to the shop where we swapped it for a full one. Taking that back to the boat meant wheeling it further than we had to when moored on Grebe, but with far fewer gradients, so the total effort is much the same.

I connected it up as soon as we got back only to discover that I couldn't get the connection to make a gas tight seal. Regular readers may recall that I had this problem with the last one but finally managed to make it work. This time, it resisted all my efforts. The high pressure hoses are due for replacement anyway; I suspect that the connectors are a bit worn and so tricky to seal.

Consulting fellow moorer Paul, who works for one of the hire bases, produced the recommendation to get Tom Hayes in. I've called his mobile number and left a message. We would benefit from having a bubble tester fitted and may well ask him to do that at the same time.

Other tasks today were wrapping some Christmas presents (Sheila) and further work on the new Owners' website (me).

Elanor and Sal are coming round for a walk later on; I've dug out our hi-vis vests in anticipation. It's a bit dark out there and even with Sally's flashing light collar we're not that visible to the cars on the perimeter road.

I'm off to the dentist tomorrow, so any blogging will be quite brief.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Busy start to the week

Up betimes and getting to grips with the morning's tasks was the name of the game today. After breakfast, we divided our forces; I went to the Farm Shop for bread and potatoes whilst Sheila, having got a washload on, went up to the lodge to do some final checks before the tenants arrived.

I joined her there and we put the bed back together; the repair has worked, though that leg is still not quite as strong as the others. We'll just have to see how it stands up to use. There's no risk of a collapse, the leg just looks untidy if it's canted over at an angle.

Back at the boat, there was time for a quick coffee before I headed off to the surgery for my review. This went generally well, all tests satisfactory, foot tickling session OK and so on. My weight seems quite stable, even. As always, my BP was regarded as marginally high, so the nurse is going to discuss me with one of the medics. An increase in one of the meds may happen.

When I was first diagnosed, the target BP was 140/90 and that I can manage without too much difficulty, but the current one is to keep the diastolic under 80. This, for some reason, I just can't quite make despite taking a small pharmacopeia of meds.

Heigh ho.

After lunch, we took a walk round the marina and have spent the rest of the day quietly, doing IT stuff (me) and the laundry (Sheila).

The weather's been quite wintry, cold and damp, so sausage and mash tonight, methinks. Maybe another big pan of soup is needed for later in the week.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Ok, maybe not too quiet...

We'd had a report that there was a problem with one of the legs on the double bed in the lodge and spent part of the night worrying about it – we've got new tenants coming in tomorrow. First thing after the morning chores were complete, we popped into the lodge to see what could be done.

After stripping the bed and turning it on its side, things proved not to be as bad as we'd feared, as is so often the way. The socket into which the screw on the top of the leg fits was loose in its mounting. I've refixed it with construction adhesive and left it for 24 hours to set hard. The tenants don't arrive until the afternoon, so there'll be plenty of time to screw the leg back in and remake the bed in the morning.

Next came a walk round the marina, dumping recycling on the way. We had time for a natter with Jo and Wynne James, then went into the office to update Jules on the bed leg situation.

Back at the boat, we had time for a bit of a sit down and read before making lunch.

This afternoon, I turned to and emailed all those on the old Yahoo based Braidbar Owners' Group who had not yet logged on to the new website. We know that some of the emails with login details have been diverted to spam boxes, so a personal email has more chance of getting through. Those with hotmail and gmail accounts seem to be particularly at risk for losing stuff that way.

After another walk in the rather damp and cold conditions, we've settled down in the boat to catch up with crosswords and the like and are looking forward to a quiet evening and early night.