Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A bit damp

It tipped it down overnight but fortunately dried up by morning and, indeed, was a very pleasant day first thing. We'd tried to be clever with the Ocado order and co-ordinate it with Jo's delivery to Linden Lodge, but it was not to be. When the text messages came through, we had different drivers on different vans. Presumably, the van routes are worked out as the orders come in, so any serious time gap is liable to have this result.

I've emailed Ocado customer services to ask if there's a way of increasing the likelihood of getting our orders into the same delivery. The thing is that, if we do, it means only one of us having to go to the front gate to let the van through. I also asked about the bag return bonus. In common with all other major retailers, Ocado now has to charge 5p per bag used. In return they have promised to repay 5p for each bag returned to them. We were in the habit of sending our bags back anyway, so this is no big deal for us.

However, we sent 15 bags back this time and only got credit for ten of them. It seems a bit daft querying such a small cash discrepancy, but if they offer the deal, they should keep to it, I reckon.

Our order was actually early, so we were all sorted by half ten and took ourselves for a walk round the marina. The sky was already clouding over again and it's been raining quite hard this afternoon. We're hoping that it will have cleared away by this evening as Elanor and Sally are coming for a peramble.

Meanwhile, the afternoon's been spent watching things on the iPads, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers for Sheila and an episode of Blakes 7 for me.

Monday, 5 October 2015

A hygienic day

We'd originally had two appointments with the dental hygienist several weeks apart, but Beatrice at the practice rang the other day and said that she'd got a double cancellation for 11.20 today, and did we want it? This seemed a very good idea, so we caught the 10.25 into Littleover, did some shopping in the Co-op and presented ourselves a bit early for the appointment.

Whilst there, we made further dates for routine check-ups in November and our next hygienist sessions in March. I must say that the practice is very accommodating about our need to go boating in the summer. Furthermore, the scale and polish was very thorough, one of the best I've ever had, I reckon.

We got the 12.12 back. It was running ten minutes late, so it wasn't until gone half past that we were sitting down to pasties and soup in the boat.

On the way out, we'd bumped into Steve of Riverside Escape and Camellia Lodge and told him where we were going. He said that he and Denise were looking for a local dentist, so I picked up a practice leaflet whilst in Littleover. We dropped in at their lodge on our way round the marina after lunch and were promptly invited in for coffee, hospitable folk that they are.

We had a good old natter about this and that and finally dragged ourselves away about an hour later. We still did the walk, though, and bought some milk as we passed Still Waters. We've been relaxing a bit since. I had bought some organic stewing beef yesterday and that is now in the oven in a beef and beans casserole. I'll serve it with mashed potato and cabbage, I think.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Relaxing Sunday, mostly

Despite fireworks and barking dogs last evening, we both had a decent night's sleep and a lazy start to the day. After breakfast and some constructive loafing, we had a walk round the marina, chatting to all and sundry as we went and ending at the monthly farmers' market. The baker wasn't there this month, but we got some nice sausages and some braising steak from an organic butcher's stall. We popped into the Farm Shop to buy rolls for lunch and I bought a bag of interesting bread flour whilst there.

I'd lit the fire before we went out as the boat was quite chilly and felt damp, so of course the weather has been improving all day and is now warm and sunny. Lunch was followed by a bit of a zizz in my case, though someone's snoring kept waking me up...

Having recently upgraded the iPads to iOS 9.0.1, the version of iTunes on the Macs would no longer do a sync or allow file transfers. The problem is that we are still running Snow Leopard, MacOS 10.6, on both the Mini and the MacBook. The choices were, therefore, to upgrade the OS on the Macs, risking a loss of performance as they are five years old and might not like El Capitan (the latest OS), buy a new laptop for both of us to use with El Capitan on it, or find a third party application which would get round the problem.

I didn't fancy the upgrade for the reasons given – the two machines are still perfectly adequate for our needs – and didn't particularly want the hassle and expense of buying a new machine and transferring all our stuff onto it. So I've spent the afternoon assessing iExplorer. It's $50 for two licences and with the addition of the free app iExplorer Mobile to the iPads will let us do everything we want in the way of backups and file transfers both ways.

In between, we had another amble round the marina in the sun and yet more chatting.

Excellent sausages tonight and a trip to see the dental hygienist tomorrow, oh joy.


Saturday, 3 October 2015

Busy again

Arose betimes and took breakfast in but leisurely manner. Afterwards to the lodge to restore the kettle to the kitchen and remove Cath's which she had lent us, believing ours to be leaking, which it was not, only scaly about the lip. Walking round the marina, we found Cath about her business in Block 2 and returned her appliance with much conversation concerning future plans for lettings and great praise for the stout work by her team in the cleaning and preparation of Walnut for its next tenant.

So to the shop for milk and to the office for news of the missing duvet, of which there was none. On our return to the lodge area, had some talk with Bev about lodgers' meetings, the first to be held next month with Robert in attendance.

By now, it was well past our usual hour for morning coffee, but made some anyway and read of the news whilst drinking it. A text from Elanor proposed that we lunch on the boat before accompanying her to Burton for shopping and a review of restorative work needed to be performed in her house, the which we readily assented to.

So to Morrisons, Halfords and Dunelm before spending the remainder of the afternoon in her house, where we were much made of by Sally. After agreeing the programme to be undertaken the week following next, back to the marina one and all and a walk about it in chilly conditions.

Into the office once more to view the returned duvet and collect the post, some nibs for our iPad styli and some very fine wet and dry paper. We have since filled the water tank, dropped the cratch cover and lit the fire in preparation for a quiet sojourn within for the remainder of the day.

Tomorrow, to market at the Boardwalk.


Friday, 2 October 2015

Another busy day

It's going to be a quickie blog again today after some hard work. First off, I made a batch of bread dough, seeds and oats, and set it to rise. We had a walk round the marina after coffee and then made a rendezvous with Cath and the cleaning team at the lodge.

It's looking quite part worn after a summer of letting and the team had their work cut out to get it back up to their high standard, spending most of the day on it. We'll do some more to it whilst it's off let for November, such as oiling the floor.

Elanor came across as we were finishing lunch. She's had a couple of days off with a virus that's doing the rounds at her work and benefited from the fresh air and company. She and I took Sal for a peramble round the marina whilst Sheila made a start on putting polish on the side of the boat. When we got back, Sheila and I took it in turns to sit in the well deck chatting to Elanor and the pooch whilst the other worked on the polishing.

After Elanor had gone home, we finished off the polishing by doing the stern bulkhead and Sheila harvested the chilli crop. It's a load better than last year, but with some scope for further improvement.

Tomorrow, we're going to Burton with Elanor, to get some replacement gear for the lodge, mugs and the like, and to survey the work that needs doing to her house this Autumn.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Keeping busy

It was another still, misty morning this morning, ideal conditions for manoeuvring the boat. So after breakfast, we unhitched the shoreline, cleared the accumulation of stuff out of the engine room and turned Sanity Again round so that the starboard side was against the pontoon. We had a coffee and then took a walk round the marina, calling in at Linden Lodge to drop off the lodge warming present we bought yesterday.

As we passed the recycling skips, we dumped a bagful of mixed recycling. Popping into Still Waters, we got a litre of milk and some firelighters, not that we're likely to need the latter today. Mind you, it gets pretty chilly in the evenings now, but it's been seriously warm this afternoon.

After lunch, the buckets and washing kit came out and the cabinside and stern bulkhead were washed, rinsed and dried with a microfibre. Tomorrow's job will be to polish them, leaving only the front area to deal with. That can wait until we're the other way round again with the bow up to the cross pontoon, probably after we next go for a pump out in a week or so.

We finished a pretty energetic day with another walk round and treated ourselves to ice creams from Still Waters.

We'll have another quiet night tonight, recovering from all this exercise...

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Pleased but weary

It's been a good day but a wearying one. After rising a bit later than when we are boating, we pottered about for a bit. Actually, Sheila was very busy changing the bed and doing yet more laundry, with occasional input from me.

We then caught the 10.25 into Derby and did some shopping before and after lunch. Our favourite food stall in the intu centre, which served Thai street food, has gone, so we tried a new restaurant, Joe's. The food was OK and the ambience quite trendy without going over the top in the way the Boardwalk has. But it's nothing like the mental image created by one of my favourite tracks, Eat at Joe's by Suzy Bogguss.

For us, we'd rather go to Wagamama.

Sheila's gait analysis went just fine and included the pre-op record on her right toe as well as the post-op one on her left, which was pleasing as it means there's nothing to stop her having the second op as soon as she comes to the top of the waiting list.

We got the three o'clock bus back and are now looking forward to a quiet evening.