Braidbar Owners Group

The Braidbar Owners Group started as an email group based on the Yahoo! website. It exists for owners and prospective owners of Braidbar boats to exchange ideas, share tips about using Braidbar boats and arrange informal social contacts.
There is usually a meeting of the group associated with the Crick Boat Show, and an Owners’ Weekend in mid-September, linked to the Braidbar Open Day.
To join the Braidbar Owners Group:
1  Send a blank e-mail to with "Subscribe" in the title line and either nothing, or a brief description of your interest in Braidbar, in the text area.
2  You will receive an e-mail asking you to confirm that you want to join and all you need to do is click on reply and send it back.
3  I will then receive an e-mail telling me that you have asked to join and I have to send an approval. If I don't recognise who is asking to join I may e-mail you and ask what your interest is. This is to protect the group from being invaded by people trying to sell things.
4  When you've been approved, you'll receive an e-mail telling you so and you'll be free to start sending e-mails, which should be addressed to:

After you’ve joined:
If you are not going to be able to read your e-mails for a while, perhaps because you are going away, you should stop emails arriving while you're gone:
You can either unsubscribe, or you can set your subscription to "web-only/ no mail". Going "no-mail" is best, as your right to post messages is preserved. (If you unsubscribe, and then resubscribe, you become a "new member" and your postings may be delayed pending approval.)
To unsubscribe, send a blank email from your subscription address to:
If you want to go 'no-mail' for a holiday period, send a blank email from 
your subscription address, to:
To restore email delivery upon your return, send a blank email, from your subscription address, to:, to restore delivery of individual messages as they are posted.
The Yahoo Groups site.
There is a part of the Yahoo! Site dedicated to the Braidbar Owners group. There is a link to it from the bottom of every email sent to the group. It is You need to have a Yahoo identity to access it – this is the usual process of creating a user name and password. On the site, you can read all the messages posted to the group as webmail, alter your email settings, and post and view pictures and files for other members to see and use.
If you need help becoming a subscriber of the group or with your use of the facility, please feel free to email me using the link in the right hand column.
Happy Boating!