Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Dog to dog blog: I'm so excited!

Hi guys

A whole new world of thrills and adventure may be opening up before me! I’ve been exchanging blog comments with the famous and deadly Archie Beanz, retired secret agent and all round mystery hound. His latest back to me said:

I’m looking for a girl to join me for my new workout video – you sound pretty fit – how about it? Read about it on my next post. 
Beanz, Archie Beanz…

He’s a scary character, bit of a stranger in the dark, know what I mean, but if only I can get fit enough to match up to him life could be so different. Now, how to get Mummy back on a serious exercise regime? A visit to the Smoke would be good too...

If anyone’s got any ideas, do let me know.

Meanwhile, I’ve been spending the day doing my socially conscientious bit with the AGPs. Took them for a trundle round the marina this morning, checked out this new lodge they’re having built, though Granny says I’m not going to get in there much ‘cos of the effect my claws have on wooden floors, chiz chiz.

I mean, you knock yourself out trying to keep the old folks staggering on in their twilight years and what thanks do you get?

Granny wouldn’t come for the proper walk this afternoon either, something to do with doing the tumbling, though anyone less likely to get involved in gymnastics these days I’ve yet to meet. Anyway, Grandpa took me to the fields on the wrong side of the tracks and I had a good old charge about, rummage and general burn up.

It’s a start towards reaching Archie’s high standards of fitness…

{Pause for dreamy look}

Where was I? Oh yeah, met this funny little pooch there, a Patterdale cross Border terrier, would you believe. Only 18 months old so I took good care to be on my guard; puppies can be so dangerous, you know.

Ah well, I’m coming back here tomorrow with Mummy apparently, something to do with mega shopping for their rotten lodge. Think I’ll stay in the car for that, what’s the use of taking an interest in bedding when you know you’re never going to get to lie on the stuff?

Loads of Licks

Your friend



Anonymous said...

Hello Sally (in deep sexy man dog voice)

I'll get Miss Miffypenny to get in touch - we HAVE to get together...


Beanz, Archie Beanz

Dave McKenna said...

Hi Sally tell grandpa there new lodge seems to be coming on well & tell them that Sanity is up for sale at Anderton :-(

David McKenna

Bruce in Sanity said...

Hi folks

Sally's too weary to type, so I'm replying for her, at least to Dave!

More news of the lodge today. As far as Sanity goes, I think her present owner's forthcoming marriage might have something to do with sanity coming back onto the market; we hope that her new owner will keep in touch as assiduously as Ian has.

All the best