Monday, 4 November 2019

Downs and ups

It’s been a mixed few days. I was rather poorly weekend before last, I won’t go into detail but by Monday night I decided I needed checking out. So, Tuesday morning I rang the contact number for the community team and after a few phone calls ended up with a visit from a GP Registrar who gave me a thorough checking out. He couldn’t find anything specific but on the basis of my symptoms started me on a five day course of amoxicillin. It’s not something they’d normally do in the absence of a proven infection, but in my case the risk of a trivial infection tipping over into sepsis before it’s declared itself is too high to take the risk.

In effect, I’m being treated as though immuno-compromised like a transplant or chemo patient.

Much more fun was Friday and subsequent days. I’m finding it a struggle to walk any great distance now, even though I’m a lot better after the antibiotics, so we’d talked about hiring a mobility scooter for the duration. Sheila emailed a fellow lodge owner, Dave, as his wife uses one having had a stroke. His response was not to bother hiring or buying, Lynn has a spare which I’m welcome to use for as long as I need it.

He brought it over on Friday afternoon and gave me a course on the care and feeding of mobility scooters. It’s an excellent machine, a type 3 which means it’s set up to be road-legal with a top speed of 8mph, though it can be set to just 4mph for use in pedestrian areas. With it, I can accompany Sheila and Sally right round the marina again. 

It’s just another example of the incredibly supportive community we’re living in here.


Lesley K said...

Wishing a lot more 'ups' than downs Bruce.

Nev Wells said...

Hi Bruce, I hope you are continuing to enjoy the lodge the marina and the boat. Just to let you know those positive thoughts are still being fired your way, take care

Nev NB Percy

Bruce in Sanity said...

Once again, thank you all for your good wishes, they make so much difference. I really will try and do an update this weekend as things have been a bit more upbeat recently.

I’m still ill, but we’re all coping a bit better at the moment.

Take care in these biblical weather conditions, all of you!