Monday, 18 November 2019

Chugging on

The main events of the last couple of weeks were an MRI scan of my head including one of the orbit, the area around the eyeball, and a follow-up appointment at the Eye Clinic. The scan was a bit tedious, 45 minutes with my head in the washing machine. MRIs are very noisy, so they play some music down headphones while it’s going on. You’re supposed to get a choice of sounds, so I asked for some 60s pop, but they left the previous CD of very raucous rock on for most of the time. Not that it was much better when they did change over, it was nothing like my memory of the best ever decade for pop. And yes, I was there and yes, I do remember it.

Guess what, the results hadn’t come through by the following week when we attended out patients, but the Registrar did a very thorough review of my retinas and said that although there was certainly some swelling and a bit of a bleed there, it didn’t look sinister and will probably resolve of its own accord. I’m to go back in another four weeks.

It’s always good to be able to end these posts with another example of people’s generosity. As well as a load of transport, I’m very pleased to be able to say a big thank you to Grahame and Chrissy in the Still Waters shop. The most recent supply of food supplements, the Altrashot, the Fortisip Creme and the Complan, was a bit restricted as to flavour, mostly banana with a bit of strawberry. These are all very tasty, but all the banana in particular was becoming monotonous, a touch of a Minion diet. Sheila asked in the shop if they had any ice cream sauces in stock as a way of adding a bit of variety. They didn’t, but instead presented us with the open big bottles of sauce they keep for adding to the ice cream cones. They won’t sell much ice cream now and the open bottles won’t keep to the Spring. 

I could even have had the bubble gum flavour, but Grahame correctly sussed it wouldn’t have been popular...

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