Tuesday, 17 December 2019

At least the eyes are ok.

Some good news, at least, in that we went to the Eye Clinic last week to be told the the MRI of my cranium found nothing of note. The swelling at the back of my left eye is resolving, too, and my pressures are well down. It seems quite possible that the enlarged blind spot was associated with sudden peaks of BP associated with occasional fits of vomiting I’ve had when I misjudged my dietary intake.

I’m to be seen in the clinic again in three months time – if the pressures are still down (and I’m still around) it may be possible to reduce the number of eye drops I have to use.

Otherwise, we just plod on. We saw the GP Laura Saunders last week, too, for a good session tweaking my drugs. Maxine the Macmillan nurse is coming tomorrow. I want to discuss pain control with her yet again, the slow release morphine doesn’t quite last the full twelve hours, no matter how much I take, so there may be scope to add in a neuropathic pain killer to the cocktail. The hospital bed has arrived and is installed in the spare bedroom. I’ve started using it already as I’ve been having some trouble with acid reflux (heartburn) in the night which is helped by sleeping with my shoulders propped up a bit.

Sleeping apart from Sheila, together with sleeping much more these days, feels like another slither down the slippery slope but we’re blaming all the morphine for now. Time will tell soon enough but meantime we’re both sleeping rather better.

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Mike Griffin said...

Good luck, your blog is an inspiration, thoughts are with you and your family.

Mike Griffin.