Sunday, 1 December 2019

Up and down

As always, I’m starting by saying thank you to you all for your love and support, it means a lot to me.

Things are a bit quiet just now with no dramatic investigations – the next big event will be my next Eye Clinic appointment – it’s on Friday 13, but fortunately I’m not superstitious as it’s when we should get the results of the last MRI. In the meantime, I see a district nurse every two weeks and Maxine the Macmillan nurse in the intervening weeks. I see a GP every four weeks, too, so I can keep prescriptions sorted out.

It all means that queries and concerns can be dealt with without having to ring one of the various hotline numbers I’ve got.

Overall, I’m slowly getting worse, as you’d expect. It’s nothing dramatic, but my slow release morphine, Zomorph, has had to be increased a bit and I’ve had a couple of days when I’ve not got up in the morning. I won’t go into reasons, don’t want to get too clinical on here, but each time having a day in bed sorted it. Getting the diet right is the tricky bit at the moment. It’s good to try something different for a change – home made soup with a splash of cream works well, for example – but if I get it wrong my gut takes its revenge, usually several hours later.

Anyway, enough of that gloomy stuff. The other half of the family makes it across from Lincoln every two or three weeks, they were here yesterday for a few hours, and various friends from round the marina drop in for coffee or tea and a chat. What larks, eh?


Dave Wagg said...

Thinking of you Bruce & Shelia.
Stay strong x

Nev Wells said...

Good you are still feeling ok to blog, keep em coming and keep your spirits up.... Are you able to take the odd drink or is that against doctors orders ?

Bruce in Sanity said...

Thanks both. Nev, the Macmillan nurse encourages me to drink, within reason, though my tastes have changed since this started. Port is quite popular still and I find I like a bit of the old Green Ginger wine.

My tum gets a bit stroppy if I overdo it, bit of a problem with an old ulcer.

Take care


heledd said...

So sorry to hear Bruce and Sheila. I've not been keeping up with your blog over the past few months due to the business of life, but was shocked to hear. I will keep myself posted more regularly to hear how things are. I hope that you are both managing ok and that you are not in too much pain. I still think about the start of my career in clinical psychology fondly and often discuss my first post as an assistant in the team with you. You certainly made quite an impact, (in a positive, inspiring and helpful way) and continue to impact on my practice and teaching/supervision of trainees. Take care of yourselves. Heledd x

Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce, Sue from Cheeky B here checking up on you. Keep fighting the good fight love, and know that everyone is thinking of you and wishing you well. I like a glass of port myself, quite the settler. Same goes for a nice sherry, very decadent! Take care, love Sue xxx