Friday, 8 February 2013

Quiet day

We've barely stirred from the boat today, apart from trips to the marina shop to collect the paper and up and down to the facilities block (Sheila's been doing some washing again).

The Ocado delivery arrived in good time this morning and for the first time ever was actually missing an item that was supposed to be there. Where was our kilo of triple nut and maple syrup muesli, we wondered? I've claimed a refund, of course; it's not a mega problem, muesli being readily available locally.

Sheila, having finished writing her book, has gone back to proof reading for Project Gutenberg Canada. I've had a quick look at her work, but today's main job was adding another five pubs to the Braidbar Owners' Group Pub Guide.

Apart from that… oh, we refilled the water tank, a job a lot of folk seemed to be doing, perhaps because of the possibility of another serious freeze (not that it's likely – chilly, yes, mega freeze, don't think so), perhaps because it's easier to do today than during the weekend when there are a lot more boaters about.

We've no big plans for the weekend; Sheila is doing another birdie walk on Sunday, probably in the rain or snow, but otherwise I reckon we're going to be taking it easy.

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