Thursday, 18 July 2013

Desperately hot at Dutton Breach

These hot nights do make sleeping tricky at times; it’s been even hotter today and we’ve been moored in the full sun, so it’s 36ºC in the bedroom as I type; we may have to stay up late tonight whilst things cool down…

Because I’m nobly suffering in a stuffy study to do this, it’s going to be a bit telegraphic.

We had a good start, entering Saltersford at 8 and afterwards chugging along a disgracefully overgrown canal for some time:

This goes on for about a mile

Passing boats coming the other way was was a real challenge, you might as well be on the Caldon. Things improved a bit after the Acton Bridge Black Prince base. I’d started a washload, but it wasn’t nearly finished when the repaired breach at Dutton came in view. There were a number of boats here but some were just leaving, and there’s been just the two of us most of the day.

Our companion is Unowatzizname from Mercia, with Pam and Ted on board. We’ve had a very pleasant day, nattering to them quite a lot and trying to stay in the shade of the trees.

Here are some more photos with comments to finish off:

Nice use of carved wood to make a bench seat

Wot, no rings on the straight bit? Did CRT run out of money?

Just two of us enjoying a brilliant location

View from our mooring
The line you can see across the field with better grass beyond shows how far the collapsing embankment reached.

Tomorrow, on through Preston Brook and onto the Bridgewater again.

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