Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Hooray, it's Tixall!

We did a solid morning's boating today, over four hours, which is a lot for us. Having stopped half an hour short of our planned destination at Burston yesterday, we needed to add that to today's run. So, having woken a bit early, we had tea in bed then Sheila started boating before seven whilst I got breakfast.

We swapped over and Sheila had eaten by the time we got to Phoenix Sandon. The bottom gates there were leaking something horrific; it looks as if the cill is getting ready to give up the ghost, so don't be surprised if there's an emergency stoppage before long. As soon as Sheila shut the top gate Sanity Again started her descent without any paddles being drawn.

Apart from that, it was a classically good bit of Autumn boating. It was rather misty murky but not unpleasant and we toddled along, the washing machine chugging away and familiar landmarks appearing then being left behind. We'd been going over two hours before we saw another boat moving.

Weston lock was against us, but a boat was just leaving Hoo Mill as we came in sight. By the time we'd locked down, another boat was approaching, making up for the hard work Sheila had put in at the previous two locks.

We knew we needed to water either here or else at Spode House the day after tomorrow. There was a boat on the water point as we arrived, but they promptly let go and boated off, leaving us in possession. Filling the tank now means that we won't need to do so again until we get back to Mercia. Similarly, Sheila has now done enough washing to last until then.

A handy mooring at the Haywood end of Tixall was free, the sun was out and a gentle wind blowing. We rigged the whirligig to get the washing dry and settled to a half hour's constructive loafing (Sheila: crochet, me: surfing Canal World; it's a hard life).

After lunch we walked back to the Farm Shop to buy a cauliflower for this week's veggie meal.

Since then, more crochet, catching up with stuff to do with the Owners' Group, reading the paper.

Tomorrow, on to the Pig Farm Taft Wharf.

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