Monday, 27 October 2014

Slow improvement: slightly soggy

I'm pleased to say that I'm a bit better today, and Sheila has got over feeling dizzy, though I fear she's developing the cold. Hardly surprising in the circumstances, of course, we're a devoted couple who share everything.

So it's been a pretty quiet day again, naturally; the weather has colluded in that, being warm but extremely dull with a steady breeze.

We managed a trip to the Farm Shop and the Still Waters shop this morning and a walk round the marina this afternoon, dumping some recycling on the way.

I didn't feel like cooking much last night so just did a ship's hash with corned beef, fried onions and mushrooms and real mashed potato rather than the instant stuff. That was fine but meant that as I'd already defrosted some mince on Saturday and not used it, I had to cook it up this morning, making chilli con carne.

Sheila has stripped the chilli plants of their mini peppers, which are now mostly in the freezer apart from the four I used in the meal (they are very small). We won't actually eat the chilli tonight as Elanor is bringing over the chicken she bought for me on Friday from the factory shop near where she works and it's on its death date today.

These thing get so complicated when you have limited freezer space.

At least we have a quiet week this week; I'm just glad the cold didn't hold off until next week when we're pretty busy again.

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