Monday, 6 October 2014


As forecast, it rained hard this morning, slowly drying up over lunch. As a result, there wasn't a lot to do except for Sheila's Monday laundry. Doing the washing on a Monday is presumably a hangover from the era of a five-and-a-half day working week. There wasn't time to wash the week's work clothes on Saturday afternoon, and you certainly didn't wash on a Sunday, so Monday was the first opportunity to get on with it.

In addition, the main meal that day would be cold meat and bubble and squeak, so not much effort was needed in the kitchen.

Nowadays, of course, there's no reason to follow this pattern, and indeed, old habits dying hard, there's often a queue for the dryers on Mondays, so Sheila reckons she'll move to doing the weekly wash on a Tuesday.

The forecast for tomorrow has deteriorated, so I've rescheduled the Ocado delivery to Wednesday. Apart from that and dealing with an odd email or two, I've really had very little to do. In fact it was so quiet that I'd finished reading the paper before lunch.

Things had dried up a bit by mid afternoon, so, having filled the water tank, we took a walk round the marina and visited the Boardwalk. The bistro was doing some trade and The Butcher, The Baker Farm Shop was open too. They'd had a problem with getting their scales linking to the tills, so meat and veg won't be available until tomorrow, but we bought a loaf of bread and some bread flour and yeast.

Incidentally, Kevin, I see what you mean about the websites. There's a bit on Facebook here about the bistro but neither the marina nor the farm shop have put any useful info on their sites apart from the dates of the Grand Opening next weekend.

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