Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Two visits in two days

We're getting all too used to the sight of the Royal Derby Hospital, but at least things have gone well this week and we won't be back there before November.

Yesterday, it was Sheila's turn to be seen in Orthopaedics. She's been having increasing pain in her big toe joints and it's reached the point where something needs to be done. We'd expected her to be offered the standard fusion treatment in which the joint is made rigid so that it can't bend at all but is pain free.

This is indeed one option, but her consultant is presently conducting a trial of joint replacement and so can offer that to his NHS patients (normally it would involve going privately). It would mean a faster recovery and would retain mobility in the joints.

She's decided to go for that and will have to wait until the New Year to have the first side done.

Meanwhile, my visit to the Eye Clinic was quite brief. There's no sign of bleeding or inflammation in my eyes and the pressures are quite low, though I have to wait for that November appointment to find out if they are going to stay that way or if I'll need another burst of the laser.

We celebrated with some retail therapy and lunch at the Indian food counter in the mall, which latter is now called Intu rather than Westfield, no idea why.

As we were waiting for the bus back, we were joined by John and Nev heading back to take Waimaru home. They've set off now having just seven days to do it because of ongoing responsibilities at the other end and with the weather finally threatening to break for good.

Meanwhile, we'll be competing in the first quiz of the winter this evening. I'll let you know how we get on...


KevinTOO said...

Hi Bruce,
Glad to hear the good news from the Royal :)
BTW the Westfield was sold to the Intu group earlier this year...
hope that link is informative?

Can we have an update on the Boardwalk especially the Bistro please?

Bruce in Sanity said...

Hi Kevin

Thanks for the link. I'll take some photos of the Boardwalk and do a bit about them tomorrow. The Bistro and The Butcher, The Baker are both opening next Monday, with the Grand Opening on the weekend after next.

All the best