Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Back in the boat, wet again

I got back to the boat just a bit before six yesterday, not feeling too bad, to be honest, though weary of standing around waiting for buses.

Today my teeth feel fine, so it's been worthwhile. I just have to go back next week to have the final filling done once we're sure the infection has gone.

It's been a wet day, so we've stayed on board apart from a walk round the marina this morning and Sheila's trips to the laundry, finishing off the week's wash.

We've used the time to prepare four rounds of questions for the quiz next month and send them off to Jo and Wynne to see what they think. I've also been doing support stuff on the Owners' Group website and adding some more pubs to the Guide.

Elanor is popping in to see us tonight, after which we'll have another quiet one, I suspect.

Tomorrow's task is a battery top up, then the Help for Heroes Quiz in the evening.

PS If you are in a hurry to own a Braidbar, ABNB presently have that classy boat Kala on brokerage, nearly identical to the award winning Braidbar 100, but gas free. Or, there's the ex-demonstrator Tiree, go anywhere length, excellent holiday boat for a bit less money!

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