Friday, 28 November 2014

Pottering about

It's been nice to have a day without any particular pressures, even if it's been downright soggy outside; not actually raining, just dull with low cloud/mist and murk and damp all over.

We took a walk round the marina after breakfast, calling in at Still Waters for a bag of kindling, the office for some discussion about lodge rental and the Farm Shop for a loaf of bread.

Back at the boat, we had a coffee and loafed about playing with the iPads until lunchtime.

Tom Hayes turned up around half one; he'd already had a look in our gas locker earlier and confirmed that we need new pigtails. Unfortunately, Midland Chandlers has been closed all day for stocktaking, so he couldn't get the new ones. He'll come back next week to do the job; there's no big rush.

We had planned to pressure wash Jo's pontoon, but an exchange of texts agreed that the weather really wasn't conducive to such work. We just hope it will be better tomorrow for the marina Christmas Fayre.

Instead, I put in a session on the big computer, updating the Owners' Group pub guide.

Chicken curry tonight, slightly unusually preceded by avocado with French dressing. We had three ready to eat ones in the Ocado order and they need scoffing. I suppose you could say that they are Ocado avOcados...

OK, maybe not ;))

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Jo said...

Than you for even considering the jetty jet wash. Next week offers some sunshine so let's meet then. And we can talk quizzes at the same time!