Sunday, 7 December 2014

Family weekend part II

Following on from our jolly jaunt to Ashbourne yesterday, we took a trip to the stables at which Elanor rides this morning. We'd never been there and it was good to be able to see things she's often told us about.

Holme Farm Equestrian Centre is a well set up operation, not flashy but solid and practical. We were particularly impressed to see Helena, the daughter of the family, giving a lesson to a four year old lad who suffers from mild cerebral palsy. It was clear that he was enjoying it immensely; his mother told us that they've been advised that riding is even better than swimming for helping him overcome his movement disability.

Elanor had half an hour of mixed flat and jumping work; she's an experienced horsewoman and rides as often as she can afford it. Sheila took a lot of photos, quite a few of which actually had most of the horse and rider in focus in them; it was even harder than usual getting the rapidly moving figures in shot when she was working with gloves on. She'd tried doing without but all too soon couldn't feel her fingers in the bitter winter wind.

I was going to take my large camera, but it proved to have given up the ghost when I loaded fresh batteries into it, displaying a sinister red banner saying "Focus error".

Heigh ho, Sheila was wondering what to give me for Christmas...

This evening, our first bubble and squeak of the season, accompanying some more of yesterday's chicken, eaten cold this time. The marinade proved to be piri piri, very tasty but quite tangy.

We're hoping that the forecast for tomorrow proves to be pessimistic with its threats of sleet showers as we're going into Derby once more, this time for me to have my retinopathy screening.

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