Saturday, 20 December 2014

Scrub bashing and a party tonight

Today's main event was a scrub bashing session in the copse near the butterfly drift in the marina. It's an interesting place as it has a sort of stream through it; well, in fact it's more of a drain leading to a small sump, but it still looks pretty for all that, now that we've cleared it out.

Much of the work involved uprooting brambles, wearing stout gloves and wielding forks and spades. A bit of crown lifting, dead wood clearing and thinning also took place.

After a bit under two hours it was looking much better for it; it should show up well next Spring. There's another copse on the other side of the drift, but we left that for the afternoon session.

I got us a couple of pasties from the Farm Shop as a reward for all the effort; we'll have a sandwich apiece in a bit to keep us going during the early stages of the Fuddle. It'll save me spending too much time looking longingly at the grub.

The marinaded chicken thighs roasted up OK, I hope. My 8" square baking tray was just right as it held eight of them neatly side by side so that they didn't collapse and sprawl about. It's the problem with thighs as opposed to drumsticks that they don't make such neat parcels.

Apart from that, we've been taking it easy, reading and doing the Saturday puzzles, conserving our energies for the evening's frolics...


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