Friday, 16 January 2015

Morning after

So the cunning plan worked: when we went to bed, we left the wifi hotspot running and Sheila's laptop ready. Waking at three as usual, Sheila set to and applied for our Pensioner Bonds, taking about 25 minutes to do so. Meantime, I got up and made us a cup of tea which we drank in bed once it was all done.

No doubt the NS&I issue will now carry on until the Spring, but it's good to have got it sorted and the cash safely stashed and earning interest again.

As may be imagined, we had a leisurely start and were still breakfasting at ten. Elanor managed to make it into work but soon found that she wasn't yet functioning well enough to cope, so had to retreat.

Instead, she brought Sally over to us again and all four of us had an excellent frisbee chasing session. Sally also met a new friend, a 13 month old retriever who had at least as much energy as she did and even managed to knock her over at one point. Said retriever then made her mistress's day by going and lying in the muddy puddle at the gate.

Since she was a very light coloured beast, the mud showed up quite dramatically.

Back at the boat, we ate lunch and fed Sal a carrot before they went off again. We've had a pretty quiet afternoon apart from a trip to the Farm Shop to get meat for the weekend.

Tonight we have pre-prepared Hunter's Chicken, which turns out to be a breast fillet stuffed with cheese, wrapped with bacon and dressed with Chinese plum sauce.


We're scheduled to do some volunteer work tomorrow morning, but if it's snowing I think it might be hard to find the motivation to turn out. We can only wait and see, I guess.

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