Saturday, 14 February 2015

Been busy, feeling weary

I had a reply this morning from Capital One, our credit card company, about claiming back the money we paid Elite for the chairs they couldn't deliver in twelve weeks. Surprise, surprise, we have to fill out a form and post or email it to them with copies of relevant documents. Elanor was due to turn up to take us shopping, but we managed to get it sorted before she did so.

A trip to Family Bargains and to Morrisons saw us buy some consumables for the lodge like laundry liquid sachets and dishwasher tablets, and a new duvet for our bed. We then carried on to the Branston pet shop for a new pair of claw clippers for Sally, her old ones having got a bit blunt. Elanor also got her two of her favourite snack items, a bull's pizzle and a bovine head of femur.

Back at the boat, we had lunch then helped Elanor with a course application she's working on.

Finally, we took Sal to the copse for a much needed charge about.

After all that, I'm quite weary.

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