Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Warming up a bit

Still windy today, but it's a bit less icy and with more sun, so feeling like early Spring rather than late Winter. It was a day for making bread; once more I did the initial mix after getting dressed whilst Sheila was showering.

Once we'd breakfasted, we walked round to the office to drop off something to go in the post and had a natter with Jules, Robert and two of the prominent moorers round here, Bob and Mike, aka the Chuckle Brothers. ;))

We then got out of the office before we were thrown out for disrupting the work and went instead to the Farm Shop to buy more bread flour (wholemeal and six seed mix) and some Dove Farm quick yeast. What a difference that last has made to the whole business of bread making, removing the need for preparing a starter in advance of the actual mixing.

Back to the boat we went where the dough was ready for knocking back and shaping. Sheila then took me through the routine checks she does on our bank accounts at the start of each month. I'm happy to leave all that stuff to her, but it had occurred to us that if for any reason she was unavailable, having run off with Alan Rickman, say, I'd be a bit stuck with our hard earned locked up in places I couldn't get at.

After lunch, I had a brisk walk round on my own and popped into Still Waters for some mushrooms and a natter with Chrissie.

Since then, we've been loafing about a bit. I only had to light the fire an hour ago – I said it was getting warmer.

Sheila's off to her craft evening later for some tatting and tattling, so I shall have a quiet evening on my own. I feel the call of an episode of Blakes7 coming on, kitsch but good fun. Come to think of it, it probably wouldn't be Alan Rickman, more likely Paul Darrow. Sheila always had a soft spot for Avon.

My favourite two lines from B7:

Vila: But I thought we were the good guys?
Avon, looking away: What a depressing thought...


Dave said...

You want to try and have a listen to Jack FM they have Paul darrow as "The voice of jack"

Bruce in Sanity said...

Thanks! I've downloaded the iPad app and will have a listen when the connection is running fast enough to avoid endless buffering...