Sunday, 17 May 2015

A Balmy Day at Braunston

What a lovely day, the kind that rewards you for living on a boat, as you're guaranteed to be aboard when it comes. The sun has shone, mostly, we've had some pleasant exercise and then done a bit of boat cleaning this afternoon to give us that shiny halo feeling. Admittedly, the guy on the boat in front spent a lot of the morning running a Honda suitcase genny (neeeeeeeeeeeeeee........) so as to power the wet and dry vac he was using to clean his bilges out and presumably other bits of his boat, too.

But we didn't want to sit out in the well deck anyway just then, as the drying rack was occupying much of it. Instead we walked up the hill, bought bread, new potatoes and a lettuce in the shop and came back via Nibbits Lane to Butchers Bridge and so along the towpath to the boat.

The genny had been put away by lunchtime so it didn't disturb my post-prandial ponder. Well rested, we set to and cleaned the front of the boat, washing down the bulkheads, the foredeck and the well deck and polishing the main bulkhead with the Bullet carnauba spray. It's OK, but nothing like as good as using Craftmaster Carnauba. It just doesn't get a good depth of wax on to the surface.

There have been loads of walkers and boaters going past so there's been the odd occasion for a chat as well.

Tonight, grilled chicken fillets, tabouli and green salad. It's going to rain tomorrow, a lot, so we'll stay put and rendezvous with John and Nev, probably in the Boathouse pub which is having one of its better times at the moment, we're told.

We'll work up the flight first thing Tuesday; it's scheduled to get very windy later in the day, so we'll see if we can get to Norton Junction and get tied before it gets too bad. Then on Wednesday we'll finish the trip by working up Watford, through Crick Tunnel and on to the towpath by Crick marina.

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