Tuesday, 5 May 2015

An "interesting" day

After all the exercise yesterday, we slept quite well last night, despite the wind and rain. As often seems to happen when we've been on shorepower for a long time, the battery bank has got a bit lazy and lost a bit of capacity. A couple of serious charges whilst boating usually brings it back up to strength, though since it's over three years old now, it will sooner or later need replacing. Mind you, they are Trojans, so should go a bit longer than the basic cheapo ones since I've done my best to look after them.

After a quiet time after breakfast, we set off for the bus just after eleven, crossing Potlocks and walking to the stop over the field path. It came on time, which was welcome as the weather continues to be spasmodically wet and windy. Once in Derby, we made another determined attempt to get the wretched dollar cheque into a bank or otherwise cashed. We queued for twenty minutes in the Post Office, but no, they wouldn't take it. Thomas Cook's Bureau de Change likewise weren't interested.

We could try The Money Shop which is supposed to handle pretty well anything, but at a serious discount, of course. Before doing that, I'll email my sister in New York and see if she can pay it into her checking account.

After lunch we got stuck into a final burst of shopping, Wilko, Lakeland and Sainsbury's. Oh, and buying some shoe laces at Timpsons. We also had a wander round the Eagle Market just to kill a bit of time. We had planned to catch the 3.00 V3 to Littleover to see the dentist, but realised that there is a choice of buses that go that far. In the end, we got a 36, big mistake. I'd checked with the driver that he went to Littleover and he confirmed that he did.

This was true, he just hadn't mentioned that he would take an hour to do it, going via Normanton and Sunny Hill and a lot of other curious places en route. We only just made it in time.

However, the check-ups were fine and we got a V3 back OK after waiting maybe fifteen minutes. I'm now running the engine to ginger the batteries up a bit and to heat some water at the same time. Then I can get a shower and relax for the evening.


KevinTOO said...

Well you now know that you can see representatives from most of the world from the top deck of a number 36... LOL

Now get off on the cruise and ENJOY! :)

Bruce in Sanity said...

Yup, book Arriva Cruises and see the world on your bus pass!

We are enjoying ourselves, though will stay put today in view of the fierce wind. We've a couple of days in hand as the present cruise schedule gets us to Crick on the Sunday and we don't need to be there before Wednesday.