Saturday, 9 May 2015

Another good day's boating

We seem to be developing a special style of boating for this trip, a combination of our usual methods adapted to the current situation. Once again we had first thing tea at six, got up pretty promptly and were getting going by seven, actually letting go (no pins were involved) at ten past.

Off we went up the familiar route, Sheila steering and myself locking and walking much of it. Bagnall, Common, Hunts and Keepers were all ascended without meeting another boat, but we crossed with one at Junction before Sheila swung Sanity Again round the corner onto the Coventry with aplomb and skilled use of the tiller in a steady crosswind. It was just on nine o'clock.

I got the washing machine going then took over for the run to Huddlesford where I had just a little trouble with the wind funnelling down the side of the railway embankment. I then handed over for a break, during which time Sheila spotted the first cygnets of the year.

I took her back after Whittington for the final stretch to Hopwas. Boats now started appearing coming the other way, so care had to be taken at those tricky blind bridges along this stretch of what is technically the Birmingham and Fazeley. It got quite cool in the breeze so we were glad to get into the shelter of the woods which used to be a firing range. We'd not seen many of the local lurkers so far and were not surprised to find the colony tied just before the Hopwas Visitor Moorings.

It was nicely lunchtime by now. The batteries were still taking 9 amps, so I had a quick check that all was well below. None of them were getting hot, so it looks as if they are still doing a lot of catching up.

We've had to light the fire again this afternoon; where is this improving weather we were promised? At least it means that the washing is drying nicely on the rack in front of the Squirrel.

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