Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Recovery day

As may be imagined, we've had a pretty quiet day today, not getting up in a rush though we both woke quite early. It started out very fine again, so Sheila put most of yesterday's wash on the whirligig. It's since clouded over rather with an occasionally chilly wind. Typically, it looks like it's going to be wet on Friday.

I managed a serious walk to Yelvertoft and back over Crack's Hill. It's a bit more than two miles along the towpath but just 1.6 across country. There are some interesting views from the top, though the least cluttered direction features the extending industrial estate outside the village. I did take a few photos, but the internet connection has gone slow again so won't be able to put them up just now.

The rest of the day has been spent loafing on the boat, mostly inside because of that wind. Whilst sitting out in the well deck to talk to Elanor, I was startled to see the biggest vespid insect I've ever encountered. About an inch and a half long, my first thought was that it was a European hornet, but the abdomen was single coloured, a sort of hairy tan. It flew off when I remonstrated with it.

A similar beast wandered into the boat a bit later through the open bow doors. It was much the same size but had a black and yellow striped abdomen. It was very audible. It also left when told it wasn't welcome. A bit of internet research has ruled out Asian hornets, I think, so the identification is a bit of a mystery. I'm certainly not getting too close to one to find out more.

I think the only other thing to report is that the 3 phone is complaining of being short of storage again, though checking individual storage areas like photos doesn't show any great quantity of usage. It claims to be down to about 10 Mb left out of the Gb we started with. I suspect that it's Android bloatware, putting me off that operating system even more than I am already.

When we get back to Mercia, I plan to buy an iPhone 5c on eBay and get the 3 SIM changed to the nano size needed for that phone. Then, when the current contract runs out in October I'll cancel it as 3 won't offer me all-you-can-eat tethering on a new one, and get another giffgaff deal instead.


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Jo said...

I had one of those HUGE hornetty things in the Lodge yesterday. I decided it was a European Hornet because it's stripey abdomen and the rest of it seemed like that. I took photographs. Then I opened the doors wide and encouraged it (her?) on her way. Bit scarey on first encounter coming at me through the window!!