Monday, 11 May 2015

Serious locking

After a quiet night last night, we did another of our early starts, setting off at seven. I steered to the foot of Atherstone whilst Sheila lined up a washload and provided a look out the rest of the time. All the locks in the first half of the flight were against us, but in very good condition, the best I've seen them. In particular, the top paddles were running freely so that although still slower to fill than empty, there wasn't the same opportunity to practise mindfulness meditation or to learn a foreign language that there used to be.

Only one boat was moored between locks six and five, which was a shame as there are spiffing new mooring rings there. They're not spaced for a seventy footer, of course, but you can't have everything...

Shopping took place in Aldi after which we had a bit of a break for coffee. I stowed the grub and started the engine and the washing machine whilst we did. It was just on eleven as we set off once more, our progress up the second half speeded by no less than three volockies, very helpful. I commented on the good state of the flight and it's clear that they take a pride in it. They are also able to report any problems as they occur.

It was gone twelve by the time we were out at the top, having had to wait to cross with several boats between locks. I took the tiller back and steered for another twenty minutes or so to a nice towpath mooring short of Hartshill. The weather, which was sinisterly cloudy for much of the morning, is now pleasantly sunny, though with a gusty wind that makes sitting out in the well deck or deploying the whirligig to dry the clothes impractical.

We'll make an early start again tomorrow, aiming to get right through to Ansty by lunchtime.

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Dogsontour by Greygal said...

We had five volockies on when we went down on the BH Saturday and they were all very helpful and pleasant and as you say, take an obvious pride in keeping the flight in good nick. We've always encountered at least one empty pound on previous transits, no such problems this time, and we had a good old natter too. A great advert for the volunteer movement, as were the lovely couple at Hillmorton.

Hope it's not too stinky at Hartshill