Thursday, 4 June 2015

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

"In the summertime..." I know, showing my age again, but the music you dance to in your late teens and twenties is what you think of as proper pop for the rest of your life.

Anyway, things went pretty much to plan today. A seven thirty start and an uneventful but extremely pleasant run on a warm sunny day got us to our present mooring by half ten. We're just short of the new King's Orchard marina and will carry on to Alrewas, another run of about two and a half to three hours tomorrow.

It had been a bit of a broken night for me and a bad one for Sheila, her bruises having come out with a vengeance. I've put her back on the ibuprofen + paracetamol regime for 24 hours. We did a good bit of loafing on the bow in the sun until lunchtime, waving cheerfully to those boats which slowed down to pass us and with less bonhomie to those who didn't, including the one which towed a breaking wash past us.

The former category included some well known faces, in some cases friends, especially Yvonne on Fizzical Attraction and Peter and Janet on Sanity.

After lunch and a discussion about chicken purchases with Elanor, more loafing was undertaken, though I did break off to do a couple of routine jobs. I fired up the Mac Mini to sort out my mailboxes and to back up the iPad and I got the clothes bag out from under the dinette. Winter wear was put away or out for the wash and summer stuff, polo shirts, shorts and lightweight pyjamas, got out and stowed in my drawer. I also condemned some t-shirts and spare underwear I've not needed for the last year.

Tonight, another carbonara, I think, it's definitely a bit Mediterranean out there.


Jo said...

The Boardwalk has Tapas on the menu at the moment. So we're viva la espana-ing here, that's for sure!

Bruce in Sanity said...

Good grief, Jo, don't tell me Wynne has that on his iPhone!

And you've given me an earworm for the wretched song...