Friday, 24 July 2015

A dull day

The rump steak last night was everything we hoped it would be, though a bit oversized, working out at a 16oz steak each. We managed them, though, and sat around for the rest of the evening rather quietly.

Today, as planned, we've stayed put. It's not poured down, but rather has drizzled damply on for much of the day, a grey, cool, frankly dull state of affairs. We did a bit of boat cleaning and caught up with some email and the like, but otherwise it's been a case of reading, doing puzzles and generally letting time go by.

Still, it means that we shall be more than ready for some boating again tomorrow. We have a small cause for celebration again tonight – today is the 10th birthday of the Braidbar Owners' Group, which started as a handful of us in a Yahoo email group and now numbers a total of 160 people with a website of its own and a couple of social events every year. The Owners' Weekend will be bigger than ever, by the looks of things, with 16 boats and over 30 people.

Tomorrow, on to Taft Farm, aka the pig farm at bridge 69 on the way to Rugeley. We did think of going on to Brindley Bank again, but it will be a Saturday night so we'll settle for the country mooring.


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