Friday, 10 July 2015

Another good day

I dunno, I keep putting what I think are provoking posts up here but do they get a response? Do they heck as like.

Never mind, we've had another excellent day's boating from Kinver to Wolverley, a journey that looks quite short on the guides but which in fact took over three hours. This was mainly because of a) moored boats and b) the strange nature of the canal here, which twists and turns through rocky cuttings, necessitating a cautious strategy on the tiller:

Arriving a bit after half ten, we found a nice mooring above the lock. The only real downside is that it's nearly as much of a not-spot as Compton, so you'll have to be content with that one photo, though I took a good few more. Indeed, fellow Braidbar Owner Graham, in his review of The Lock pub here, described the signal strength as comparable to that at the aft end of the Orinoco. Actually, being a clog iron engineer from Doncaster, he didn't say "aft" but as this is a family oriented blog with a fair number of readers from the southern counties of England, I'll leave it at that. Anyway, he should know as he's been to said end of the Orinoco in the course of his trade.

There is at least a half decent 3 signal, hence being able to post this at all. We took a walk up to the village after lunch. Now that is a remarkable place with its own ex-court house and a huge church perched on the hill above. I'll try and get some photos up tomorrow, assuming that the connection is a bit better in Stourport.

We finished the day with an ice cream in the Forge Tea Room associated with the pub, very civilised (vide Secret Water, Arthur Ransome). As I say, we aim to be in Stourport tomorrow, after a short stop in Kidderminster for the Sainsbury's.



Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Just to reassure you that we are still tuned in. Once I've downed tools for the day, I always beam in, it's my little reward. So even though responses may be very intermittent, the reading is consistent and I miss you if you're unable to post :-)

I agree with your verdict on the lower Staffs & Worcs. I remember doing it for the first time as a teenager over the course of a beautiful sunny quiet weekend, and the impression it made then has never left me. Must get back there soon!


Sarah (duffer not drowned)

Graham Johnson said...

"Fame at last !!"

Graham (Clog Iron Engineer from Doncaster)

Anonymous said...

The readers are out there, though nowadays I get fewer comments on the blog but more observations via twitter/facebook.

Keep blogging - we're reading :)

As for provoking your readers, well, when I started out I kept asking my readers questions, hoping that they would do the research and give me answers. That never happened and now I have to do my own research!

Happy cruising (and don't give up on Sally blogs either)

Sue & the Indigodreamers

Bruce in Sanity said...

Thanks Sue. I don't do FB & T but I can well believe that folk are more likely to engage over there. I daren't start using any more social media, I get enough grief if I spend too much time on CWDF! ;)

For the benefit of you and GG, I meant to give a plug to the houndy place above The Bratch. I'll give it a mention on the way back...