Sunday, 26 July 2015

Sedentary Sunday

It was dry overnight and into the morning, such that we began to wonder if we'd decided to stay put today unnecessarily, but it was pleasant to loaf in bed a bit longer than usual and to have a leisurely breakfast, so we weren't too worried. After eating, we took a walk along the towpath for a bit to get some exercise at least. After a couple of bridges, the first fine drops fell and we turned for home.

It took the rain a while to really get going, but it's been tipping it down for much of the day and quite cool with it. There's been a steady procession of boats going by with steerers well wrapped up against the onslaught. We spent the morning reading and doing puzzles, though as Sheila has an order for some more porthole doilies from an existing customer she makes sure that she does at least one full round of crochet on the current one each day.

After lunch it was chilly enough to light the stove again, using the very last of our solid fuel. I may pick up a couple of wrapped homefire type logs in Alrewas if the Co-op has some, just to make sure we don't need to light up again before we get back to Mercia.

More reading and the like has filled the afternoon, together with some beta testing by me of a new version of the CWDF site that's in development. After I've done this post, I'm going to set up an Ocado order for next Friday. We should be back in the marina either on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on whether we take one day or two from Alrewas.

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