Tuesday, 18 August 2015

A short run to Buglawton

A pretty straightforward day today, with an eight o'clock start and a couple of hours cruise to Buglawton, just the other side of Congleton. Sheila steered whilst I did things below, making some bread dough (multiseed, wholemeal and oatmeal) and doing the breakfast washing up.

Buglawton has a waterpoint on the offside, just through Bridge 68 where we stopped at ten to fill the tank. Sheila had to do some nifty boathandling to get in as the mooring is literally just through the bridge, almost touching the abutment, and there was a CRT workboat exactly 70 feet along. Between us we managed it, yours truly popping across the end of the CRT boat onto the wharf to catch the centreline and pull Sanity Again back into position.

It doesn't help that there's nowhere to tie the sternline, so we had to make do with bow and centre. Whilst the tank was filling, I knocked back the dough and shaped it into rolls on a baking sheet. These were covered with oiled cling film and put back in the barely warm oven to prove. We then pulled across onto the towpath and tied for the day, just in nice time for coffee.

We've had warm rolls fresh from the oven for lunch, then taken a walk down the hill to the local Co-op to stock up on fruit and veg. For some reason the boat traffic has been fairly speeding past us, emphasising the value of the stern spring keeping us steady. Offenders have included hire boats, privateers, a CRT tug and, I'm sorry to say, a Braidbar. The Macc has more water than usual in it this summer, maybe the local boaters aren't used to being able to travel so fast... :(

Tomorrow, we'll do a flying start, as we want to get up Bosley and on to Lyme Green before lunch if we can. If not, we'll have to lunch on the move.

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