Sunday, 30 August 2015

Busy day

It's been a hard working but successful day. A batch of onion and herb bread was started straight after breakfast, after which we got stuck into cleaning the bathroom and study bedroom. Actually, as Sheila wanted to do the whole of the remaining ceiling, I first cleaned and blacked the Squirrel, using the Hotspot stove black which was so good last year.

The ceiling cleaned, Sheila got to work on the bathroom whilst I dealt with the study bedroom. One side of that is very straightforward, over and around the side berth. The other half, the desk side, means taking apart all the IT gear and stacking it on the berth so that the desk can be properly cleaned. It was mostly done and half reassembled by coffee break, which we took at the Trading Post.

Back at the boat, I baked the bread and finished restoring the desk gear. We had a quiet sit down to recover from these exertions whilst the bread cooled, then ate lunch. Shortly after the meal, Graham and Beryl arrived on Priscilla II and we helped to moor them on a spare slot by the Trading Post. If no-one else has turned up by Tuesday, Priscilla II can come and occupy where we are when Sanity Again goes into the paint dock.

A final burst saw us clean the galley, another case of moving loads of bits and pieces around so as to get the dresser thoroughly cleaned. Once done, we ambled back to the Trading Post and saw the denouement of a hassle caused by a GRP boat that, against advice, had chosen to moor in the Mary Sunley II disabled trip boat space. The MSII had returned to find her space blocked. It finally transpired that the splitter's crew had not, as they had said, "popped to the loo for five minutes" but were ensconced in the pub. They seemed quite aggrieved at being told that they needed to move their boat.

We finally got a cup of tea and a good chat with Graham and Martin before coming back to the boat to finish off a productive, if tiring, day. Tomorrow, we'll clean the dinette and saloon, leaving only the floor to do once we are in the yard and on a shoreline to power the polisher.

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