Friday, 14 August 2015

Soggily soporific in Stone

No, we're not stoned, just quite dozy after a day spent mostly inside. Sheila went off for her hair do at nine, whilst I did a bit of pottering and a lot of newspaper reading. When she got back, we had an early coffee followed by more reading while the rain persisted down. Finally, we were reduced to doing the filing.

It was damp enough to justify mugs of soup with lunch, though we haven't felt the need to light the Squirrel. Afterwards, we ventured out into what was now an intermittent drizzle to do a bit more shopping. Morrisons has a good fish counter, so I've bought some smoked cod fillet with the intention of making kedgeree tonight, using two more of the duck eggs as garnish.

And that's about it really, more like a day in the marina than boating about. Never mind, it's forecast to be much better again tomorrow, so we'll head off uphill to Barlaston and the butcher amongst other things.

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Jo said...

Yum, Kedgeree!