Monday, 10 August 2015

Steadily to Rugeley

Technically, we set off too soon this morning, getting away just after eight. We had a steady run to Rugeley, taking just over 90 minutes to the shopping mooring. I was quite worried that we wouldn't find a space before ten, but there was a lot of room, several boats having left early, apparently. We did an initial trip to Tesco; not for a lot of things, it being not that long since the last Ocado order, but we got some perishables and a few bottles of wine. We need to get the cellar fully stocked before we get to Poynton and it's a nice short carry from that Tesco to the boat.

It didn't take long to put it all away, then off we went again into town. We needed to visit the Halifax branch in connection with some bonds which are maturing later this month. They are internet bonds, but the Halifax seems to have missed out on the essence of the concept, as withdrawing the money involves a bit of form filling and a visit to a branch in person, with ID, in order to sign one of them. Why we can't do that online, I don't know.

We tried to make these points to the woman behind the counter, but she wasn't having any of it. As usual, she hid behind the necessity for "security", despite the fact that we've operated non-internet accounts with other banks without so much hassle. Ah well, it's done now. Let's hope the money actually arrives in our current account in due course...

Apart from this (it took a good 20 minutes to deal with) we had a good time picking up some other bits and bobs, mainly in Wilko. When we got back to the boat, the moorings were very full, though you could still have got in at the far end towards the railway bridges. I got Sanity Again on her way once more whilst Sheila attended to making cups of coffee and doing the breakfast washing up.

Loads more boats were tied on the towpath all along the way to Brindley Bank, including Tootling by Gently from our pontoon in Mercia. Once round the bend and over the aqueduct, we found loads of room on the new visitor moorings on the other side. Indeed, we were the only boat here for quite a while, though another couple have arrived since.

It's been raining on and off all afternoon, with bright sun in between. Crochet and breadmaking has taken place, along with newspaper reading and some email chat. Tomorrow, on to Tixall Wide in the sun, hopefully.

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