Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Carrying on down

I wanted to make a batch of dough before we set off this morning, so that we'd have bread to eat at lunchtime, so made an early-ish start. The dough was mixed and set to rise by half seven and I walked down to the lock as Sheila set off in Sanity Again. It was empty, not unexpectedly as we'd been passed by an Andersen hire boat heading south quite late yesterday.

We found them tied above Star Lock, below which we stopped to water. They set off and overtook us there but we caught up with them again at Aston. This was a bit surprising as we thought they'd be long gone, but the traffic had got busy early today and we had to queue for a bit with boats arriving to come up each time one locked down. The Andersen boat contained six "mature" men, clearly having a good time. They planned to be in Penkridge tonight, but that didn't stop them from tying below the lock for a belated breakfast at ten o'clock.

On we chugged. I'd got the dough knocked back and shaped before Aston and was able to get the buns baked before we decided to stop for the day at Burston. We had planned to go on to Weston, but the rain was setting in and it was getting a bit late in the morning for us. It's such a good mooring here, quiet but with adequate phone signals.

We've had a peaceful afternoon. We got the clothes swapped round, winter woollies for summer cotton, and spent the rest of the time reading, doing puzzles and last Saturday's GK crossword. Braidbar 61, Shiraz, has just gone by with her new owners. She's on her way back home to moor at Victoria Pit, so we might well see her again next September.

Tomorrow, we'll press on to the pig farm or Taft Wharf as it calls itself now. We may well get some diesel and a bag of coal while we're there.

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