Sunday, 20 September 2015

Changing a k for an n

With alliteration's artful aid, today we started in Stoke and stopped in Stone. A run we'd normally take two days over, it made for an exhilarating morning's boating. Well, it did for me as it was my turn to steer and I got to do all of 4 mph on the deep pound between the end of Stoke and the start of Trentham. Sheila had ten locks to do, though at least most of them were more or less full when we got there.

No boats were seen moving for the first couple of hours, from half seven to half nine, that is, but then the traffic got busier and busier. They were hire and share boats, mostly, with just the odd privateer. Sadly, the weather, which started out bright, became cooler and cloudier and cooler. At first, I was very comfortable in a fleece but eventually had to put a gilet under it and was still a bit chilly. I lit the Squirrel once we had finished boating.

There was a lot of room on the moorings above Stone Top, which we reached just after twelve. We've had one shopping trip to the Co-op to buy some perishables and something for dinner tonight. The forecast is pretty rough for tomorrow and we're well ahead of schedule after two days hard boating (by our standards), so we'll stop here.

Tomorrow's activities will be more shopping and a trip to the bank, getting the winter clothes out (I really need to go into long sleeve shirts if the weather is going to be like this) and watching the DVD of Opera Australia's production of Patience that we borrowed from Sheila's brother the other day.

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