Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Settling in and exercising

Maybe it was the Look What We Found chicken tikka (too much salt in ready meals), maybe it was the Italian Primitivo Merlot (taken in moderation, honest, guv) but we had a lousy night's sleep last night and didn't surface until well after seven. Eventually we got up and staggered about and the day improved steadily from then on. Apart from Sheila progressing the laundry and myself making another batch of yogurt, we pottered until a bit before half ten, when we went round to Linden Lodge for coffee with Jo.

It's a beautiful lodge, testament to the great deal of thought that Jo and Wynne put into designing it and then supervising its construction. After a good old natter over coffee and cookies, we carried on round the marina, winding up at the Willow Tree for lunch. It's been rearranged inside, creating more room to sit and eat. The food is as good as ever, if not better.

Back at the boat, a quiet time was had whilst we digested and the laundry load tumbled. I had a bit of a recuperative zizz, then, as it was another very pleasant afternoon, we turned to and polished the port side of the boat. Even with the mains polisher, it's quite a task. We broke for a cup of tea half way through and finished off a bit after four.

We had had to move the bed to get the polisher and extension lead out, so took the opportunity to liberate the dehumidifier, not that it's needed yet, and the isolation transformer, which has been set up in the well deck.

Having had a cooked lunch, we'll have some sandwiches in a bit before going back to Linden at seven for a meeting with the other lodge owners. It's to talk about the new arrangements for reps to the Mercia Boaters' and Lodgers' Forum.


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