Monday, 19 October 2015

A quiet day

We had a lazy start and a pretty quiet day today, recovering after our exertions of last week. It's been a day for pottering, though we did walk to the village this morning for a raid on the Co-op.

We did a fair bit of internet stuff as the day went on and put in a walk round the marina this afternoon. On the way, we stopped to watch a wide beam boat on a trombo squeezing through the security gates on its way to being craned in near the dry-dock.

Other than that, we've read the paper, exercised our minds with puzzles and checked out the cost of some extra stuff for the lodge. The marina is encouraging all the lodges for rent to have the same inventory, so it looks like a bit more expenditure is going to be required. Mostly it's not hugely expensive things – examples are an mp3 player dock and a rechargeable torch in case of power cuts, but it all adds up, of course.

We've had a couple of IT issues too. There's been a spate of spoof Ocado receipt emails carrying a malicious attachment – if you get one and are an Ocado user, go to the Ocado website via your bookmarked link, not the one in the email, and check that you haven't got a delivery booked for the time given in the spoof email. It's not Ocado's fault; the bad guys get ever more sophisticated with these malicious emails.

Several of the banking websites have been very slow or even unresponsive. We suspect that it's down to the tickets for the next Star Wars movie going on sale and overloading the credit card servers.

There might well not be a blog tomorrow, as we're spending the day at Elanor's watching the plasterer repairing her back bedroom ceiling.

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