Saturday, 7 May 2016

Settling back in

OK, so you're all waiting to hear about the fish and chips ;)

Well, they were OK, no more than that, I'm afraid, and, in our view, not worth putting up with the noise from the railway line that makes the Willington VMs so uncomfortable. Next time we fancy fish and chips on the way back to the marina, we'll get them from Alrewas. Specifically, the chips were cut very small so had cooked rather hard and there wasn't enough fish inside the batter.

Yesterday, we arrived in the marina between eight and half past and pumped out. Jules came across a bit before nine and sold us some diesel, 130 litres, in fact, and we were back on pontoon Y21 by ten. We spent the day packing up to move back to the lodge and nattering to Peter and Melanie on Inkling who had been across to the Aqua moorings for some snagging and were just back.

Elanor finishes early on a Friday at the moment and came over with Sally in the late afternoon to help us move stuff into the lodge. Sheila looked after Sal whilst the car was loaded up, which gave her the happy opportunity to natter to Trev and Rachael who had come across to see Peter and Melanie, being fellow Aqua owners. After moving loads of stuff up to the lodge, we had a gentle walk round the marina, taking our time as it was so hot.

Getting up this morning, we realised the breakfast cereal was still on the boat...

The plan is to do stuff in the lodge today, then tomorrow we'll start on a whole series of cleaning and minor repair jobs on the boat.

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