Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Progress continued

Sheila's operation went very well and she's making what's known as an uneventful recovery. Jo very kindly drove us to the Royal today so that we could attend the dressings clinic. On removal of the dressing, the wound was found to be healing well, with just a touch of weep at the distal (far) end. This was examined by a medic who concluded that it was nothing to worry about, there being no sign of infection.

She's got a fresh, much smaller dressing on her foot which we can remove after three to five days. She's also to start walking about again, so we're past the tedious bit of just sitting around.

In fact the only thing that went wrong was my stupid fault. As we were on our way back, I realised that I'd left my iPad and Sheila's Kindle on top of the car park ticket machine, where I'd put them whilst fishing change out of my pocket. Jo turned us around and we shot back to the hospital. They'd gone from on top of the machine, of course, but when I enquired at the desk in the Kings Treatment Centre I was told they'd been handed in and were on their way to the lost property office.

The staff member taking them there was still in sight and could be called back. They'd taken the name and address of the decent man who'd found them, so we can send him a thank you note and a token of our appreciation of his honesty. It does reinforce your faith in human nature, stuff like this.

So it's being a good week all round. We had a splendid afternoon and evening with John and Nev yesterday, what's more. Elanor and Sal came round for a bit of it and the weather was fine enough that we were able to stay out on the veranda for dinner.

We've now got four weeks of relaxing at the marina before Sheila's next OP appointment, when hopefully we'll be cleared to get on with some boating. The plan is to get away by the end of July, do the Four Counties ring and end up at Poynton for the Braidbar Owners' Weekend.

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