Sunday, 24 July 2016

Off we go, just

Having moved on board yesterday, we had some bits and pieces of tidying up in the lodge to do this morning. Sheila's turned all the washing round up there, so we shall have a nice clean lodge to come back to in the Autumn.

By lunchtime, the batteries were fully charged so we could disconnect the shoreline and stow the cable and the isolation transformer away. We went round to the front to say our farewells and to thank Grahame and Chrissy for last night's barbecue.

After lunch we got going in a bit of a breeze. We had to hover for a few moments whilst a New and Used wide beam and a narrowboat pulled off the service wharf, then went and did a pump out ourselves. When that was done, we worked across to the entrance, pausing again to let a boat come in. As I cleared the entrance bridge, I spotted the trip boat, Mercia Swan, coming along behind, so I pulled over in the approach cut and loosed them by.

There was just room for us on the Heritage field mooring, two boats being here already, so we've tucked in and settled down for the night after 15 minutes boating. ;) It's quieter on this side of the cut, being that bit further away from the railway line.

There's a slight weep in the return fuel line, but the nut involved is larger than any of my spanners. I think it was exacerbated by rocking the boat with a full tank. I've mopped it off and we'll see how it does tomorrow on the way to Branston.

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Nev Wells said...

Hi Bruce... good to read you are cruising again. I treated Percy to a decent set of spanners - see here so if you are still in need let me know what size and if I have it I can walk in down to Alrewas tomorrow evening?