Saturday, 6 August 2016

Boating on to Little Onn

We're on the Shroppie, famous for two things, the dreaded ledge and lousy phone signals. So far, we've avoided the first but are now in the grip of the second. This will be a quickie blog whilst the signal is still there...

All went to plan at the start of the day but we got to Wheaton Aston much quicker than expected, by just after nine o'clock in fact. The washing machine had just started rinsing but we needed to spend some time on the water point anyway. It was all done by ten and we were tied on a VM across the winding hole and feeling uncomfortable about it.

So we went shopping, came back to the boat and set off again to Little Onn, a very pleasant rural mooring but short of phone sigs. No Armco or rings but the towpath takes pins very well.

The other good news is that the stolen Mercia boat has been found as a result of the nationwide hunt for it co-ordinated by CWDF and the various Facebook groups. It had only got as far as Weston, the one between Hoo Mill and Sandon. It's been recovered and taken to Great Haywood marina for forensic exam. The thieves had scarpered, so all you boat owners, keep an eye on your boat there's a thief about!

Tomorrow, on to Norbury. Or maybe High Offley. Or wherever. And there may be a blog.

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