Friday, 26 August 2016

Final stretch

As planned, we had a very lazy start this morning and set off just on half eight. Sheila was steering and didn't rush it but even so it was only just after ten when we got to the Deeps. We found a space at the Adlington end for starters, but were soon briefed by Martin about his cunning plan. This was that Wherever, presently tied behind his own boat Ice Breaker, much nearer the yard, was due to go onto the Braidbar mooring by the Trading Post.

This meant that we could move Sanity Again into that space, with a bit of co-ordination. We decided to do that after lunch, there being no great rush. We spent the rest of the morning catching up with Peter and Susan. The yard is very busy at the moment, and going to be even busier next week. Katy is due to be handed over, another shell is arriving on Thursday and Peter has a Gas Safe inspection that same day.

Situation normal, then.

No matter, it will keep us busy and out of trouble. The plan for tomorrow is a washload in the morning and an Ocado delivery in the afternoon. Sunday, we'll probably mow the lawn, weather depending, and Cala will be arriving over the weekend.

As usual at this time of year, this blog will now go into erratic mode. I'll post when I can, probably if it's too wet to do any work or to sit outside the Trading Post drinking coffee and tea. Meanwhile, tonight will be our first trip to the Boar's Head, yippee.

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