Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Off we go again

We nearly made the seven o'clock target and got away at around quarter past. The lock was empty and no one on the water point so things went to plan. By the time we'd had breakfast and filled the tank it was just after eight and a bit of traffic was about. We followed another Mercia boat up the locks with Roy lockwheeling. Sheila was able to get the latest gossip from the marina from him while they waited for the locks to fill.

We were followed up by Blue Meon, a boat we've seen about from time to time and who were on their way to Chester. It was pretty straightforward boating in moderately fine weather, though bits of drizzly rain had begun to pop up by the end of the cruise. The moorings below Gailey were pretty busy and we ended up rather closer to the lock than we'd like. We must remember to stop earlier, nearer Brick Kiln lock in future.

After a while, Sheila went out and tweaked the mooring, adding another fender and tightening the spring. We've been much less bounced about by the flow from the emptying lock since she did so.

We've had a quiet afternoon and plan a quiet evening. Tomorrow, a gentle day up the last lock and round the summit pound to Coven. Encouraged by Nev's comment yesterday, we plan to eat at the Fox and Anchor tomorrow night and will report back in due course.


Jo said...

Good to know all goes well. Bright/sunny early evening here with a 'batten down your plant pots' breeze! But warm with it.

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

You might want to check the latest Trip Advisor reports for the F&H. We were there earlier this year and - admittedly it was Sunday evening - we left after standing at the empty bar for five minutes with not even an acknowledgment of our presence. The place looked a disgrace, obviously chronically understaffed, and a fairly excoriating email to the company the next day elicited nothing other than a standard four word response! Doubt we'll be darkening its doors again unless we start hearing more positive reports!

And may I say how nice it is to have you out and about and doing your daily blog again. I have missed it!