Sunday, 21 August 2016

Onward and upward

The problem with not stirring out of the boat all day is that you don't sleep very well that night, but we got through it somehow and got going only a bit late this morning. By quarter past eight we were on our way towards the Lawton Treble locks in quite reasonable weather. These locks are in good condition, unlike the ones near Wheelock, and we worked up them without too much hassle.

We crossed with a boat coming down the middle lock, which lacks its pair, and I bought an apron there from an old dear selling craft goods, cakes and chutneys in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital. We don't actually need another pinny, but it can go into the charity auction at the Owners' Weekend, thereby benefitting three charities in all, assuming we donate our proceeds to Anthony Nolan and Bloodwise as usual.

Hall and the two Church Locks followed. There was plenty of room to moor above, just a shade under the two hours we'd expected to take. After relaxing for the rest of the morning, we had lunch and then took a walk up tomorrow's locks. There was a fair bit of traffic about, including Sceptre, one of the two OwnerShips boats we used to have shares in. Since the collapse of the OwnerShips scheme, she's become self managed and was looking very good with a new coat of paint.

On another topic altogether, some readers will be interested to know that Elanor has had Sally's DNA analysed. It seems that she is most probably 1/2 Doberman, 3/8ths German Shepherd and 1/8th Akita, the last being a bit unexpected. So her houndy characteristics are down to the greyhound element in her Dobie inheritance.

I just wonder who thought of crossing a GSD with an Akita...

Tomorrow, up the Red Bull locks, stop to fill the water tank and then round onto the Macc at last.

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