Friday, 19 August 2016

Quiet wet Friday

After yesterday's exertions, having an excuse to stay put for the day was quite welcome, though the wet weather is a bit depressing after the glorious sun earlier in the week. We loafed in bed for quite a while, then got up and pottered about all morning.

It wasn't a completely idle session. For one thing, I revised the entries for the Big Lock and the Broughton Arms in the pub guide. We'd had a very good meal in the latter establishment last night, with remarkably prompt service considering that the garden was packed solid with folk enjoying the sun. They had on a range of golden ales, just the thing for the conditions.

Sheila had some financial stuff to do and continues to work on the attendance list for the Owners' Weekend. After a slow start, it looks like we shall have about the same number of owners there as last year, though not quite so many boats, just 12 of them plus the boats in build in the yard.

Interestingly, there are a couple of shorter boats and a couple of semi-trad style, so we shall have a good selection for prospective customers to see.

After lunch, the rain stopped long enough for us to take a bit of a walk, along the towpath and round some woodland, part of Rode Heath Rise. This is an area developed from the site of a saltworks that used to adjoin the canal.

It became cool and damp enough indoors to justify running the Webasto just now, warming the boat up a bit and giving enough hot water for washing up and showers. If the forecast is correct, we have the prospect of strong winds tomorrow, in which case we shall spend another day here before setting off again on Sunday, probably.

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