Monday, 29 August 2016

So far so good

Another quick catch up after a very pleasant couple of days. We have:

  1. Washed the roof, scrubbing off all the dead petals
  2. Mown the bungalow lawn
  3. Washed the port side of the boat
  4. After Cala arrived this lunchtime, had a pump out and diesel fill and topped up the water tank
  5. Some interesting boating was then done, reversing back in a tricky wind to swap places with Cala
  6. Had a very satisfactory time chatting to Peter and Gill as well as with Martin, of course
  7. When Wherever... came back from a day trip, caught up with Gareth and Margaret as well
We're eating on board tonight and going to the pub with the gang tomorrow to help Gill celebrate something or other... ;)

Tomorrow, in addition, we'll be joining in the fun of boat shuffling to get Cala into the paint dock.

Happy days...

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