Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Two hours, no locks

It has indeed been a golden day, cool at the start but soon warming up and not a trace of rain, for once. As planned, we set off at around eight with myself steering the familiar run, past the Heritage boatyard, the Little Morton Hall moorings and the golf club. The only downside was the discovery that we didn't have a reserve of instant coffee, so we stopped on the Congleton Wharf moorings for a quick trip to the shop up the hill.

I'd forgotten quite how far up a steep hill it was, but my determination was rewarded with a jar of the missing granules. Back at the boat, I made coffee and we had a peaceful sit out on the bow to drink it. Just as we were getting ready to go, the couple off the boat behind stopped to chat.

The chat turned into a ventilation session for them with tales of their recent trip up the Ashton Canal, which had been characterised by low rubbish-filled pounds, getting stuck in a lock, stroppy fellow boaters and tardy attendance of CRT staff. In fact, by the time CRT turned up, they'd managed to get moving, just about, so the team went away again, not bothering to sort the still unbalanced flight. After about twenty minutes of these tales, our new friends seemingly felt a lot better and went off to do their shopping.

We had a quick run through to the aqueduct mooring just to the north of Congleton and before Buglawton. It's really very pleasant here in calm weather. We've had a walk along the Biddulph Valley Way again and spent the rest of the afternoon in systematic loafing.

Tomorrow, a stop for water in Buglawton, then up Bosley and on to Lyme Green.


One Day said...

Hi Bruce

Anna was intrigued to hear that she has 'ripened' , being a member of the Trefoil Guild. Hopefully it is ripened as in mature and not as being a bit smelly!

See you both next week, we will be leaving on Friday to hopefully arrive on the 1st.


Bruce in Sanity said...


That'll be ripened as in reached the best condition... ;)

Looking forward to seeing you there.

All the best